• Available on EDO2960 floats, CAP3000 floats, or wheels
  • Plumbed for hydraulic wheel-skis
  • Approx. 1050 lbs useful load on floats
  • Extended baggage compartment w/fishing rod tube
  • 270HP P.Ponk O-470-50 engine
  • Long range fuel
  • Bush seats or rear bench seat available
  • 2 blade 88" prop or 3 blade 86" prop available
  • IFR or VFR instrument configurations
  • King Silvercrown digital panel
  • Pre-rigged for winter ops with engine, battery, and oil-pan heaters
  • Excellent performer

Lease power by the hour or on monthly contracts. I know how tough the small floatplane business can be -- I've been there myself. You need flexibility and options to make it pay when leasing a small airplane. I'm happy to work with you to set up a lease that works for both of us. Contact me if you need more information.

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Chris Holmes    (604) 543-2150    [my first name]

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