• Company Operations Manuals writing/updates

  • Load Control / W&B / Formal Flight Plan forms

  • IFR (including single pilot & single engine) and VFR

  • Dangerous Goods certification

  • CARs exemptions

  • Operations Specifications

  • Piston and turbine aircraft manuals

I offer my knowledge to help 703 operators with their Transport Canada approved paperwork This can range from a complete development of your approved Company Operations Manual to just a small amendment or update. I am familiar with the Operations Specifications and exemptions (ie: carriage of external loads with passengers, flight in reduced visibility, flight/duty time extensions). I also have developed several proprietary forms which streamline the paperwork which pilots must complete for every flight, making the pilot's job quicker and easier.

Instead of frustrating yourself, save valuable time by having me do the work for you. Even if you just have a few questions that need to be answered, I can be a big time-saver.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Chris Holmes    (604) 581-2970

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