Welcome! I'm glad you have taken the time to visit. There are three specific reasons for this web site:

  1. KEEP POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS UPDATED. I provide current information about myself. Learn more about me by clicking on  RESUME, LOGBOOK, ADVENTURES!, and MEDIA.

  2. AIRCRAFT LEASING. I have several aircraft that I lease or rent to commercial operators, movie productions, etc. Click on the A/C LEASE button at the left for details.

  3. 703 Air Taxi consulting service. Through past experience, I have an intricate knowledge of Operations Manuals and other Transport Canada approved paperwork. I can assist with amendments, writing manuals from scratch, creating streamlined flight plan forms, etc. Click on  703 OPS to the left to learn more. 

I'd like the opportunity to work with your company by providing the above services. As you will see from looking around, my aviation related experience is extensive and varied. Why not take advantage of it?

If you have any questions after you browse the information I have made available here, please contact me. I really do want to hear from you! In the meantime, please look around and enjoy yourself.


Chris Holmes    (604) 581-2970