In late 1996 I ended up buying my J3 Cub. I found it advertised on the internet, and in the end became my first ever "online" purchase. The aircraft was based in Ottawa, Ontario, and I had hoped to ferry it across the country myself. But as winter was quickly approaching, the weather was not forecast to be co-operative so I had it disassembled and trucked across the country on the back of a flat deck. I had our local Cub "expert", Mark Fortune of Tofino Air (in Tofino, naturally) re-assemble the plane on wheels. The assembly was complete in early 1997 and I flew it back to Delta Airpark in the Lower Mainland of BC where the plane was to reside for the next while. While there my brother, David, started his pilot's license on the plane. When he finished, I put the Cub on floats and he got his float rating. Ever since then the J3 has been on floats. It's just more fun that way!

I took this picture from my Navion. I was flying around and heard my brother make a radio call from the Cub. I came up along side and had this good photo opportunity. Incidentally, he also had a camera and grabbed a great shot of me in the Navion, which can be seen on the Navion page. One late September day I decided to take a short flight up to Snowcap lake in southwestern BC. It is a 45 minute flight from Fort Langley and offers spectacular scenery. At 6500', you're well above the treeline and there are even two glaciers that descend down the mountainside and touch the lake.

Sitting up on Widgeon Lake late in the year. Yes, that is ice in the foreground.  At the dock at Buccaneer Bay with my Cessna. A common destination for both these aircraft.

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