A classic design!

The J3 Cub has become the symbol of old-time aviation in North America. Ours is appointed in the traditional "Cub Yellow" paint scheme with the black lightning bolt down the side and the "Cub" logo on the tail. Even the instruments are original. Only a discretely mounted VHF radio to comply with modern regulations tells you that this isn't 1940 anymore! The Cub is available on wheels (including the original CUB hubcaps) or EDO1320 floats.As a rare antique, but fully functional and flyable, this specimen is not available for commercial ops, but is welcome on any movie set as a static prop or an actual flying aircraft.

If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact me.

A quick stopover at Snowcap Lake, 6500' MSL in BC.

Banking over the bay.

To learn more about how I came to have this aircraft, see click here.


Chris Holmes    (604) 581-2970    [my first name]

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