I keep my logbook in the computer using a database I created. Through this web page you will be able to view the actual, up-to-date history of my flying. I have also provided you with the ability to search my logbook by various different fields, view my logbook in list format, or select individual entries to see detailed information and pictures on a particular flight. When possible, I have tried to provide additional information about each flight in the "Notes" field. Because I have been making entries into this logbook for several years, you will find the 'style' of entries changes from month to month. Some months I was diligent enough to enter as much information as possible about each flight, other times I put in only the minimum required. I hope you enjoy my flying history!


When you enter the logbook by clicking TO THE LOGBOOK below, you will be leaving this web site and directly accessing my logbook database server. The look & feel of the interface will change noticeably, and you will only be able to get back to this page (and the rest of the airChris web site) by clicking the HOME button that will be present at the top of the logbook window. From this page, you then can continue navigating to the other airChris pages by clicking on the buttons to the left.

In the logbook, there are 3 main modes, or views:

  1. Table View - this is a list view similar to what you would see in a traditional paper logbook
  2. Form View - this view is a 'close up' look at each entry. Additional notes and information about each flight is included in the form view. To see the form view, click anywhere on the log entry you wish to see.
  3. Search Mode - this will allow you to search my logbook based on information you enter into various fields. When you are finished browsing these entries, perform another search, or select SHOW ALL to return to the full logbook.

The default order of the database is oldest to newest. Record #1 that you will see at the top of your screen is my oldest entry. Use the navigation tools in the window header to select which records to view, or to skip ahead/back to other records. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

This link is experimental. If you cannot connect, try again a bit later.


Chris Holmes    (604) 581-2970

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